Yekaterina Kaplun

Yekaterina Kaplun was born in Ufa, Russia in 1979. She studied education for four years, and has worked as a teacher; she also has a certificate in accounting and experience as a book-keeper.

She has been drawing all her life, but only started painting two years ago after attending workshops at Studio Central. She does acrylic paintings that also use mixed-media, collage, and recycled materials to build texture, which she sees as crucial. “I invent, based on what I see in nature: birds’ wings, natural bridges, and generic faces,” she muses. In her portraits, she strives to bring out complexity by revealing the unity of opposites in, for example, the female aspects of males and male characteristics of females. Yekaterina often uses her work to discover new ways of perceiving beauty: “After every painting I do, I see things differently,” she explains. She struggles with her materials to create, releasing her own energy and body sense into her art. And humour is another important factor in her work: almost an additional sense, she adds.

Yekaterina looks forward to giving several workshops at Studio Central this summer. For her, art provides a spiritual and non-commercial vehicle for self-discovery, which is part of recovery. She sees big things in small elements; she paints spontaneously, then names them.

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