William Edinborough

William Edinborough, born in Winnipeg in 1987, has been drawing for as long as he can remember. His mother, an artist and teacher, ensured he would take art classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Having grown up on a farm, helping with the sale of pumpkins, Christmas trees, chickens and goats, he developed a lasting interest in nature, plants, and animals. William went on to major in psychology and minor in kinesiology – “covering both body and mind,” he laughs. A person of many skills, William strives for perfection in all his pursuits, from his former lawn care business, furniture building and house construction, the management of three soccer teams – and of course his art, which he views as a challenge and his main creative outlet. 

He is currently working in charcoal and pencil crayon on paper, a medium that allows him to bring out contrasting light and dark values for dramatic effect. He chooses subjects from nature, from the internet, and even from video games. He tries for a high level of precision and realism, even with imaginary characters or when his treatment is whimsical. Beyond his own drawing, William enjoys looking at art; “I enjoy seeing how the artists achieved the effects they did,” he adds.

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