Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips was born in Winnipeg in 1979. Encouraged by her father, she has been drawing since
she was a little kid. As a teenager, she did pencil/crayon portraits with surreal overtones, and in high
school started oil painting art cards, caricatures, and realistic portraits for family and friends on special
occasions – a form she still produces. A person of diverse talents, she took Fine Arts courses in first-year
university, then went on to earn a master’s degree in mathematics, teach, and do research. She is now
pursuing a BSW, a field where her maths skills may allow her to branch into policy studies. Interested in
working with others, however, she currently volunteers at a crisis hotline and would like to try helping
people face-to-face with art therapy.
Artistically, Stephanie identifies with Mark Ryden and the California-based Low-Brow Art Movement.
She is working on a series of fantasy pop-culture portraits, mostly of women, expressing varied emotions
through a focus on the eyes and the incorporation of surreal symbolic elements. She’s also interested
in doing portraits of pets. “I get a lot of joy out of my art,” Stephanie says. “When life is rough, I get
absorbed in art, a blessing that brings me peace. Incidentally, it also allows me to make cards as gifts
that express me personally and can’t be bought anywhere.”

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