Sandy Rubinfeld

Born in Winnipeg in 1957, Ru’Aviv / Sandy Rubinfeld was always drawn to art; she experienced wonder and delight at the works of such artists as Matisse and Klee. Her formal art studies spanned the breadth of Canada: at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD) in the late 1970s, glassblowing at Sheridan College of Crafts and Design in Mississauga in the mid-1980s, and folk-dancing on Salt Spring Island along the way. Her interest in the varied branches of the arts was equally broad; for, once she returned to Winnipeg, she studied web and multi-media design, calligraphy, oriental brush painting, and fused / slumped glass techniques.

 “Artbeat has allowed me to take my art even more seriously. It’s about losing myself in the process of discovery – heart, body, and soul working together – more than the finished piece.” This has led her to creative use of spontaneity and accident, playing with rough and primitive textures, and incorporating words in her drawings to add depth, mystery, and a poetic element. 

Lately, Ru’Aviv has been working on a series of dragonfly-wing drawings, along with ceramics, both thrown on the wheel and hand-built. The latter include masks, lamps, birdhouses, and bird heads, all more fanciful than realistic. “I am an artist because that’s what makes my heart sing,” she says.

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