Roxane Nauboris

Roxane Nauboris was born in Montréal in 1974. Her father and older brother were interested in photography. Roxane says she was always “crafty;” she painted on her own clothes and wore homemade jewelry to school. In the early 1990s, she began teaching herself photography, and later took classes at the PrairieView School. She was drawn to the work of photographer and environmental activist Ansel Adams and Australian panoramic photographer Peter Lik. Roxane’s photography – while focusing on the richness, depth, and moods of landscape –clearly shows her concern for the abandoned, marginalized and unmanicured elements within that landscape. She says she views age, patina, and rust as natural parts of the life cycle. “Becoming mindful of this process is healing,” she adds. Meanwhile, Roxane found a professional outlet for what she calls her natural empathy and nurturing spirit – by practising nursing as an RN/BN. More recently, Roxane took classes in oil painting, and started painting in earnest after coming to Artbeat. She is now using and extending the ancient Chinese and Turkish technique of marbling patterns (ebru) in acrylic on silk. In addition, she pours acrylic paint onto canvas and wood panels to create abstract works, sometimes superimposing stencilled geometrical designs. She finds these techniques freeing, because they allow her only partial control over the results. In the future, Roxane plans to concentrate on her painting; “I love the process of trying new techniques,” she says. “Artbeat gives me a sense of accomplishment and a chance to heal,” she adds. “I enjoy being part of this artistic community and have become close to the group.”

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