Rex Opal-Lynn Gosselin

Rex Opal-Lynn Gosselin, born in Calgary in 1989, grew up in Fort McMurray, AB. Always drawn to art, she was encouraged by her older brother, also an artist. Beyond art classes in high school, she is self-taught. Rex became interested in the connections between emotions and health – and she incorporates this perspective into her art. Her meditative practice includes producing mandalas in ink and other media on paper. Out of her Métis heritage and abiding interest in First Nations spirituality, she creates smudge bowls and other sacred objects, mostly for her own use. She does abstract pieces in acrylic, experimenting with texture and collage. Rex also makes ink character portraits, including mythological creatures influenced by the darker side of Norse mythology – and lately extended this interest into ceramic dragons, which represent creativity and wisdom. Rex says she’s spontaneous, eclectic, a quick learner. She cares about people and wants to make a difference. “I’m interested in exploring spiritual expression through my art, which has at times been my reason for living,” she says. “But I like to play jokes and not take things too seriously. So I also incorporate humour in my art – sometimes taking on the ‘trickster’ character.” In the last year, Rex has become a new Mum, which, she says, has lightened her art as she explores “the happy, joyous, silly side of things with new eyes.” 

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