Nora Turenne

Nora Turenne was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She previously worked artistically with ceramics but her time at Artbeat has brought out a new-found love of acrylic painting. Her appreciation of Pollock and O’Keefe has inspired her modern sensibilities to create work that is colourful and kinetic.  Nora started her career as an interior designer on Canada’s west coast.  What makes Nora’s work unique is that she tries to use balance of line, colour and movement in a modern style. She describes her painted works as free and flowing and herself as outgoing and confident, motivated and disciplined, productive and fearless, a risk taker and an explorer.  Nora claims the purpose of her art is to give her life and is essential to her well-being. She expresses herself through the art she makes and continues to surround herself in the arts.   Nora is a beaming individual.  Her studio mates say “she helps to bring people together and that she is friendly, open-minded and not afraid to explore unforeseen territory”.   

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