Neena Fontaine-Ellis

Neena Esmila Fontaine-Ellis, born in Winnipeg in 1987. Her main focus, however, is creating living, breathing animated characters with unique gestural personalities. Neena says she hopes people will enjoy these for their own sake, but the characters are usually intended to have “an underlying meaning if the viewer wants to look.”

Neena is now working on perfecting the mechanical aspects of her craft. Because of her focus, her art has a graphic, cartoony quality and emphasizes gesture. “But it also has a narrative component,” she says, “which takes a lot of work. She adds, “My art is my life. I can’t imagine going on without it. It’s my way of personal expression. With it, I can both grapple with reality through my characters, and at times, escape from reality through the fun they bring along with them.”

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