Morgan Holbrow

Morgan Holbrow, born in Winnipeg in 1997, has always loved to create. As a child, she would make art out of whatever materials she could find. She especially enjoyed sculpture and carving. In middle school, encouraged by a passionate art teacher who fostered her creativity, Morgan expanded her horizons and embraced new ideas. She continued to create and make connections in the Winnipeg art community, taking every opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. She then went on to take courses toward a BFA, aiming to focus on art therapy.  

Morgan enjoys the humour of bizarre scenarios and worlds. She would like to branch out into carving headstones and is inspired by the ornate Gothic and Victorian styles “to create spaces where death seems less depressing.” She has always found art to be a therapeutic outlet and her goal is to pass those tools on to others. 

For now, Morgan has been doing lino prints, soapstone sculptures, collage, and sketches embellished with sharpie and ballpoint pen. She is currently combining some of her individual sculptural pieces into dioramas: for example, a scuzzy motel room. These miniature models include linoleum, drywall, and other construction materials; new glazed and fired ceramic elements; and characters made of armature wire, foil, and painted plasticine. “My work process is experimental and organic,” explains Morgan. “I like using diverse materials that, in the end, serve to build each other up.” 

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