Megan Tyler

Megan Tyler, born in Winnipeg in 1997, has been drawing for her entire life. She took art throughout school and found it a wonderful outlet. She became serious about her art after Grade 10, when a teacher gave her strongly supportive input.
During the last four or five years, she has been doing detailed cityscapes; turning found items into sculpture, and painting abstract pieces with acrylic on canvas. She often combines this work with words and collaged representational images, which she selects from old magazines she finds in antique shops. Megan explains that these added elements are carefully chosen and express her thoughts better than would drawing alone. “My art has a lot of layers,” she says, “and I really enjoy the process of changing the look of a piece with each new layer.”
A recurrent theme in Megan’s work concerns body image and eating disorders. “I am trying to raise awareness and put out a message that’s somewhere between hopeful and warning.” she explains. “That’s why I often portray body parts and vary the colours to express the different moods that connect me with this issue. I’m telling a story of struggle, recovery, and resilience.” Megan – who says she’s especially caring towards friends, family, and people with body image issues – adds that her art gives her purpose and keeps her alive.

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