Logan Powell

Logan Powell was born in Winnipeg in 1996. He took art classes all through school and later taught himself his current techniques watching Bob Ross and Stuart Davis on YouTube. “I pretty much have their techniques down pat,” he smiles. Professionally, he learned carpentry and developed it into working on building custom log homes, including one that sold for $4 million. “Carpentry has taught me how to complete projects, starting from zero and working with dedication until it’s done,” Logan says. The main body of Logan’s work has focused on mountains painted from his imagination on canvas in oils, his preferred medium. Since a trip to Calgary, when the mountain views “blew my mind,” he says his mountains have improved. They are solid and sharply focused, in contrast with the rustling grasses in the foreground and moving clouds in the background, which are handled with expansive, painterly brush strokes. Logan has also created a concept-piece he describes as “sort of off-brand for me.” It reflects his feeling as a Métis for Indigenous people, featuring a forest in monochrome, with red footsteps representing both the traces of disappeared individuals and an entire people’s lack of voice. Lately, Logan has branched off into painting human figures. Artbeat “was great, very inclusive; I learned a lot from the other artists,” Logan says. It also let him experiment with acrylics and make ceramics, including an Easter Island head “unlike anything I’ve done before. But landscapes remain my trademark,” he adds.

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