Kailyn Pederson

Kailyn Pederson was born in Steinbach, MB in 1996, and was drawing figures on the wall as a tot. Encouraged by an admiring teacher and by her family, she was soon doing paintings, ceramics, crafts, and graphic arts in school and at home. When she later volunteered at a school, she amused the kids by sketching goofy characters for them. She considers filmmaker Tim Burton’s “really cool” animated characters an interesting model.

At Artbeat, Kailyn has done portraits in acrylic and multimedia, with flowers and bows as collage elements. She has also produced fabric art, including a life-sized doll. “Assembling a body, face, hair, and eyes almost feels like creating life,” she says. Interested in textures, Kailyn incorporates chalk, pastels, and wax into her painting; and she experiments with both new and found materials. Rather than planning her work ahead of time, she prefers to base her creative process on emotions, intuitions, and daydreams until she’s satisfied with a piece.

“I don’t follow any rules or schools,” she says. “Some of my work can be dark – I believe in facing the truth, bringing out things people find easier to leave hidden. And I put myself into my art, so that art and artist become each other.” 

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