Jude Claude

Jude Claude, born in 1993 in Winnipeg, has always doodled and written poetry – and earned a degree in English literature – but began doing visual art seriously just about a year ago. Jude finds inspiration in the work of a varied range of artists, including African-American conceptual artist and philosopher of identity Adrian Piper; photographer of sexual identity Catherine Opie; painter of monumental bodies Jenny Saville; Alvin Ailey dancer and “soundsuit” creator Nick Cave; and even Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt. Jude’s own work comprises pieces in acrylic on masonite; watercolour, and pen and ink on board; stencil and collage; poetry; and recently, raku pottery. Much of this work engages with gender and race issues, and questions mainstream assumptions about how we categorize things – and whom this benefits. Jude’s interest in structures of power extends to the question of “the natural” and they explore the legitimacy of boundaries between the “human” and the “non-human.” They add, “I’m politically engaged; I’m concerned with suffering; I’m interested in how the world functions to oppress all life-forms, while I want to help make life flourish. And I like the fact that art is irreducible; for me, it’s a way to communicate things I don’t know how to put any other way.”

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