Josephine Kensley-Speelman

JOSEPHINE KENSLEY-SPEELMAN says she started doing art as soon as she could hold a pencil. She was born in 1995 to a Winnipeg family that had fantasy art on the walls. An aunt who painted fantasy animals also gave encouragement. Completely self-taught, by age nine she had switched from pencil to digital art. She had tried painting with a brush, but soon found using the stylus and having an “undo” button allowed more fluidity, accuracy, and precise control. Along the way, Josephine qualified as a taxidermist and became interested in paleontology as a hobby. Josephine produces flowing and colourful painted works as well as very precise monochromatic line drawings. She incorporates trees, leaves, feathers, and anything that flows, often delivered with a hint of art-deco-like stylization. Her themes feature nature subjects, spirituality, and healing narratives which include lost love and a hallucinatory – but benevolent -- protector demon. Her work has two sides, she says, but since coming to Artbeat, healing characters have grown more prominent compared to threatening images. “I’m patient and kind, and I’ve been described as a warm person,” says Josephine. “While I may seem pretty quiet in a discussion, I am a very good listener. I use my art as a means of healing, and moving forward with my life.”

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