Josee Wiedmer

Josée Wiedmer was born on March 31st, 1974, and grew up in St. Andrew’s, MB. She works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, photography, and painting. Josée enjoyed planning events as a child and still describes herself as a “planner” – she looks for meaning and purpose in all tasks, and puts her heart into everything she does. Her style could be described as a mix of Pop Art, Kitsch, and Psychedelic Optical Art. She has a variety of influences including modern and abstract art, classical architecture, and sculpture. She is also interested in travelling and as such dreams of travelling the world. Josée lets her sense of humour show in her art; she has a keen sense of observation, and an eye for the absurdities and humour in life. She finds that making art is therapeutic, and she always values the process involved in her creativity over the end product.

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