John Hansen

Winnipeg artist John G. Hansen holds a BEd, a BSc, a BSc (Med), and a MD. Working in an impressionistic style, his preferred mediums include acrylic, photography, pencil, ceramics, and clay reliefs. John has taken courses at Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg Film Group, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery. An artist for ten years, he has made a series of portraits of deceased ‘average Manitobans’, and has photographed a series of shopping carts and the people who use them. He writes, plays classical guitar and recorder, tutors in chemistry, plays hockey, and practices martial arts. No wonder he especially admires Leonardo da Vinci, the versatile and multi-talented Renaissance man.

John says he will take risks to develop his own style, and derives satisfaction from bringing his concepts to fruition. “No matter what I do, I try to do it to the best of my ability,” he adds.

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