Jef Barnes

Jef Barnes was born in Kelowna, BC in 1974. He was always interested in some form of art. He was drawing at age 4, and by his twenties, he was line-drawing tattoo designs and comic books. He obtained a degree in Business Administration and is a certified medical lab assistant. Meanwhile, he remained a fan of monochrome drawings, and has continued to draw in pencil, pencil crayon, India ink, and pigment pens – including some close-up portraits. Last year, however, he discovered that painting came to him naturally “as if I was born to it.” In lieu of formal training, he did rigorous research to teach himself anatomy, colour theory, and other aspects of technique. His main work now is with acrylics on canvas. “I’m strong on colour theory, so the way I construct my palette is rather original,” says Jef. He adds that his style is still evolving, but his current landscapes and streetscapes – while painterly – show evidence of a competent grasp of line and clear echoes of the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, and the Fauves.
Jef jokes that he’s an old-school punk-rock goalie. “Music, the one thing that can really elevate you, is always in my head,” he adds. “Other than hockey, nothing has made me as happy as my painting has. It centres me and makes me feel accomplished. This is why I pursue it with persistence and commitment.”

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