Jason Reimer

Jason Reimer was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1975. He focuses on accurately reproducing how a form occupies space, imaging the gesture in real time, showing how the action affects externals like clothing. “It’s all about the physics,” Jason says. “I weigh all the angles. The balance has to be perfect.” With this approach, Jason says he is striving for a high level of realism, an accurate and objective rendering, rather than emotional impact.

An avid skateboarder himself, Jason is currently focusing on a series of images of skateboarders in motion. “It’s enjoyable, rather than conceptual,” Jason says “But art gives me a way to accomplish something, to put to use the abilities that God has given me in everything I do. It’s also a way to understand the world, and to deal with anxiety. The process of learning drawing techniques is therapeutic in itself.”

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