Fraser Hebert

A photographer since his youth, Fraser Hebert was born in Saskatoon in 1955. Since then, he has deepened and refined his craft, hand in hand with his enthusiasm for the outdoors, for nature, and for perennial gardening – with courses at the PrairieView School of Photography along the way. 

Whether his subject is flowers in the studio, rarely photographed magpies in silhouette, or bison in a blizzard, he uses staged lighting or rough atmospheric conditions to achieve stark, dramatic effects with very little photo-editing. He says his passion is to render a unique moment in every image. The complex logistics of this search are calming and peaceful, and he says his walks in the forest to see what he can find “often melt away an afternoon before I realize it.” 

Fraser also has a professional accounting designation and has worked as a business writer for 35 years. He believes this experience inevitably has a unique effect on the style of his other artistic endeavour, writing short stories and poems about daily life. His fiction, while not autobiographical, is loosely based on lived events; his poetry is whimsical and structured. He says he is more empathetic towards people he writes about than to his animal photographic subjects. In fact, his concern in his creative writing is to plumb the superficial externals in order to describe genuine inner beauty and the real meaning of love.

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