Frances Clearwater

Frances Clearwater was born in Winnipeg. She has always revered animals, and over time developed an extensive knowledge of nature and wildlife. She has been doing art in some form since she was about ten years old. She says she has an eye for colour and balance, and is fascinated with interior design, and with the decorative and animal-worshipping features of Egyptian art. Now, her multi-media creations reflect all these concerns: they orchestrate and beautify elements of fur, bone, teeth, and hides with felt, ribbons, and drawings coloured in with felt markers, coloured pencils, and occasionally hints of paint. She says she is expressing her own spirituality by using sacred materials. Her themes pay homage to the environment and the creatures within it, and sometimes feature Christian imagery. Frances says she is a fourth-generation Canadian, a product of Canada’s multicultural society, influenced by all its strands, from Indigenous to Ukrainian. She eschews any suggestion that her art is conceptually unique; she believes instead that it’s on the borderline between art on the one hand – where originality and thinking outside the box are expected – and craft, where traditional models and good workmanship are paramount. My work is instinctive and detailed,” Frances says. “Right now, it’s my spirituality and it fulfills my need for belonging. I’m streamlining my talent and homing in on also making a living from art.”

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