Clint Roscoe

Clint Gene Roscoe was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota in 1980. He grew up with his parents in Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated high school from The Collegiate at the University of Winnipeg in 1998.
After completing the Artbeat program, he has been in six group exhibitions and two solo shows in Winnipeg. After reading a few books suggesting that he should make work consistently, he committed to making art everyday. Roscoe went to Red River College for a graphic design class in 2003 and was introduced to drawing realistically, and regularly attends sketch nights at the Cr8ery. He is fascinated with the Impressionists; specifically, Van Gogh. In 2012, he published his diaries, From Yearning to Madness.
Clint primarily works with watercolour, due to it’s convenience but occasionally works in other mediums including acrylic.

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