Cassandra Kulay

Winnipeg artist Cassandra Kulay dates her start as an artist to age 17, when she was encouraged to pursue artistic projects by her English professor.

Her visual art focuses on acrylic paint and paper collage on canvas and boxes. Cassandra says her art is autobiographical, experimental, spiritual, and intellectual. Her work often explores religious and philosophical themes. Cassandra cites Paul Klee and Susan Seddon-Boulet as artistic influences, along with a formative year spent teaching in Japan. “Art improves my life by positively focusing my energies, the same way meditation helps. I believe in putting relationships first, because they bring out the best in me. We’re all the same emotionally, regardless of where we are in capitalism’s success scale.”

During her residency at Artbeat, Cassandra published a poetry book entitled “Desperate Measures”.

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