Cassandra Wolfe

Cassandra Wolfe, born in Winnipeg in 1989, always wanted to be an artist, and has been doing art
“ever since I could hold a paintbrush.” Briefly discouraged by the argument that you couldn’t earn
a good living in the arts, she graduated with a BA in Conflict Resolution Studies from the University
of Winnipeg and the Canadian Mennonite University and worked in psych nursing with the goal of
helping people and even making systemic change. She experienced art therapy, which brought her
back to art when she realized it, too, could be used for good. “I see Indigenous art, human rights,
political issues, and mental health as all linked together,” she says. She now focuses on healing,
happy work, though she also uses black humour and harbours a darker side that she rarely chooses to
show. Fascinated by texture, she adds depth to her works in acrylic on canvas with abstract collage.
Themes include biology, nature, Indigenous spirituality, and cosmology; even some of her abstract
works hint at how individuals fit into society – or don’t. She likes to portray weathered things, “objects
that have been through a lot, because I see myself in them,” she explains. Cassandra is also expert
at beading. “I see and feel colour and texture very intensely,” Cassandra says. “When I’m working, I
get into a flow state.”

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