Brittney Fox

Brittney Fox, born in Saskatoon in 1994, was late in using words; instead, she carefully and quietly studied her surroundings during a long stay at Children’s Hospital. At 7, she started drawing the world around her. An art teacher encouraged her talent, and she learned that visitors and passers-by were impressed by her work. All in all, she describes the process by which she learned art techniques as different, atypical. Meanwhile, she was asked to serve as a poster child for the hospital, and she believes the experience of representing an important institution gave her confidence and taught her the importance of self-presentation.
Brittney produces work in acrylic and coloured pencil on board. At Artbeat, she has also experimented with ceramics. Her subjects include mental wellness, integrating identities, and from “the chaos and pain of a dark place, moving into power and peace” which she represents with bright, hopeful colours. She writes poetry and sometimes ties it into her art. “I used to paint the dark situation I found myself in,” Brittney says, “but now I see the world as new every day and I’m able to paint solutions that conquer problems.” She describes herself as bold and resilient. “My painting is free-flowing; I don’t get so lost in trying to figure things out,” she adds.

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