Brittney Buhl

Brittney Buhl was born in Winnipeg in 1996. In Kindergarten, with pen and coloured pencil, she started
creating worlds of stick-people – “both real and make-believe” — and drawing animals. Her father,
himself skilled in drawing, encouraged her with challenges and exercises. By high school she had
moved on to realistic portraiture. She took sketching classes at the WAG. In line with her interest in
colour and physiognomy, she studied cosmetology for a while. Now she produces brightly-coloured
works in acrylic on canvas, with idealized paintings of faces, animals, and other aspects of nature.
“I’m not afraid to use bold colours; it’s my way of seeing some beauty in the darkness. Nature is the
only safe, kind, and peaceful place I can get away from the noise and chaos I experience in the
world around me,” Brittney says. “I’m a caring, nurturing, supportive, and honest person – sometimes
a little too much so.
Brittney also deals head-on with darker subjects in her expertly shaded, surreal drawings in ink, pencil-crayon,
and charcoal. They express feelings of hurt, suffering, and anxiety that are hard to express
verbally, and she is selective about which of these she shows publicly. “My drawings sometimes bring
me relief from negative feelings, or bring them down a notch – but they can’t completely hold back
the darkness,” she adds. Brittney also sometimes writes poems that pair with these drawings.

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