Brendan Rock

Brendan Rock, born in Winnipeg in 1994, has been drawing since he was a small child. In Grade 11, a teacher showed him how to use oils, and he’s been hooked on painting ever since. His work at Artbeat consists mainly of bold abstract pieces in oil on canvas and paper, sometimes combined with acrylics. “For these abstracts, I start with an idea, but I let it develop as I paint. The interpretation, what the painting represents, happens at the end of the process – or in the mind of the viewer.” Brendan also has been cutting stencils by hand in heavy paper from images projected on the wall, and using these to produce iconic images of familiar characters. More recently, the pottery studio at Artbeat has given Brendan an opportunity to experiment with raku pottery figurines, which he has used to develop an iridescent new take on the Neolithic earth-mother theme.

“Art is everything to me,” Brendan says. “When I get up in the morning I’m thinking about art. When I go to sleep, I’m dreaming about it. It’s like a very effective medicine.”

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