Bradley McKay

Bradley McKay, a father of three, was born in Winnipeg in 1968 to a family of artists. His father was a painter, and Brad remembers drawing on the walls of his mother’s house. He has always loved building things and learning by doing. In school he was challenged by an art teacher, and also took drafting, where he began working with geometrical ideas. For several years he became a chef, worked in security, and took mediation workshops. He later graduated with honours as a counsellor in addictions and community service. He volunteered on the Winnipeg City Committee for Safety, among others. He has been given the spirit name Thunderbird Man. Since coming to Artbeat – which Brad says “has brought out my inner artist” – he is thinking differently about art and art history. “I like Matisse,” he adds. “When he tells his story, you get it. I strive for that clarity.” He is currently working in pen and ink, drawing straight from his sympathetic heart directly onto the paper. He also works in acrylics with added pastels on canvas and wood, “drawing with paint” as he calls it. His interests include indigenous themes, emotional issues, tattoos images, and abstract geometrical designs. He also writes poems and short stories. Brad says, “Whatever I’m focused on, I’m committed to: I don’t stop until it’s done perfectly.”

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