Bradley Guiboche

Bradley Guiboche was born in Winnipeg, MB on November 15th, 1971. Bradley uses a variety of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, oilpastel, conte, charcoal, and pencil. He is a self-taught artist whose artworks influenced by colors and images, education and learning, and all aspects of art and life. He is inspired by and pulls images out of nature, inanimate objects and his imagination which include wood, walls, water, dreams or random ideas. Bradley describes himself as an easygoing, witty, straight to the point individual who is very hardworking and absolutely committed to any project he takes on. This talented artist began drawing the day he first picked up a pencil. He believes art truly defines part of the person he is. Bradley’s kind and accepting persona allows him to fit in anywhere and with any personality that he encounters.

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