Barbara Ellyn

BARBARA ELLYN MARK, from White Rock, BC, has travelled the four directions of this continent, from taiga to tropics. As an elementary student, she volunteered to teach arts and crafts to younger kids at a local group home, and her own learning curve was as steep as her students’. In junior high, she joined the Naturalist Society, immersing herself in images of power found on the land. Drawn to the density of haiku, Barbara Ellyn found that creative writing salvaged her high school experience, and from then on, she knew that art would give depth to her life. Having earned degrees and certificates in conflict management, adult education, heavy/industrial construction safety, and trauma recovery, she also learned much from elders: midwifery, spiritual care and restorative justice, caring and sharing. Going technical with her writing, she produced resources drawn from participatory research, translating legalese into accessible language for community empowerment. She used these resources to help build competency in various marginalized and vulnerable populations. Barbara’s current painting in acrylic ranges from stylized to abstract, with flowing lines. Motifs include runes, self-portraits, horses, landscapes and migration, and “the Beauty Way.” “My early life was full of complex trauma; I’ve been running for decades, finding purpose through helping, and meaning through deep listening,” Barbara Ellyn says. “I’m settling in to myself now, commemorating my journeys in images of healing, hope, kindness, and gentle correction.”

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