Adrienne Pelletier

Adrienne Pelletier was born in Saint-Anne, MB in 1976, but was excited to move to Winnipeg at 18 to earn her university degree in Nursing. While working in the field of long-term care, she bought a sewing machine, and later found strong support for her fabric creations among the Sara Riel art group. She had always been drawn to fabric art, especially the new movement of abstract fabric artists and the wearable art of Alabama Chanin. Though largely self-taught, Adrienne has never used kits; she makes designs freehand with cotton embroidery thread on linen, canvas, and sometimes silk. She combines needlework, embroidery, quilting, and textile manipulation techniques. She aims to transcend the bounds of traditional ‘women’s work’ by transforming the craft into a truly free art-form. Though Adrienne’s patterns are mostly abstract, she uses them to convey emotion. Her more representational pieces include a series of beetles which, she says, are “gross but somehow beautiful – iridescent jewels with an armour I wish I had myself.”

Adrienne adds, “Every knot I make in the fabric relieves anxiety, unties a knot inside me.” Her dream would be to pursue a career in art and study, combined with sharing her original techniques with others. As a health care worker who has also been a consumer of mental health services, Adrienne feels she may have a unique perspective to contribute as a mental health advocate. “I can’t go into anything half-way,” she says. “Instead, I throw myself intensely into whatever I’m doing.”

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