Esprit: Artbeat Annual 4

Artist: Artbeat Studio

Full colour. 40 pages.


Profiled Artists:

Wunderkabinett (7th Biannual Exhibition):

Bradley Guiboche
Gerald Herron
Darcy Kerr
Simon Marc Krueger
Drew Thomlinson
Josée Wiedmer
Tricia Young

C’est comme ca (8th Biannual Exhibition):

Janice Adamson
John Benningen
Joanne Dumas
Richard Hathaway
Sharel McCulloch
Terisa Taylor


This exciting issue profiles Artbeat alumni and features high quality photographs of a vast array of artworks from Artbeat Studio’s seventh and eighth biannual art exhibitions. The volume contains an astounding collection of artworks including acrylics, sculpture, photography, charcoal, poetry, and much more

Artist: Artbeat Studio
Info: available, for sale
Width: 9"
Height: 6"
Depth: 0.25"
Weight: 0.27 lb
Material: Book
Year Created: 2014
Barcode: 00000118